HP Prime Refurbished Calculator
HP Prime Refurbished Calculator
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Hewlett Packard HP Prime, Refurbished

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Our calculators are fully tested and inspected by our team of expert technicians.  You get the same long lasting calculator at a fraction of the price.

1-Year Warranty:

We offer a 1-year warranty. No questions asked.

Package Contents:

Includes refurbished calculator, slide cover, rechargeable battery, and charging cable.


Universal and powerful.With the HP prime problems can be edited from a variety of application areas. This includes also a powerful CAS system, the functional dynamic geometry software, a handy spreadsheet and a variety of other applications. Colorful, multi-touch and intuitiveFunctional diversity was combined with a sophisticated design, an intuitive operating system and contemporary and advanced multi-touch technology, to feel and to rediscover mathematics. Flexible and communicative.The ability to communicate with other HP PRIME calculators, the system for a measurement, the integrated test mode and the HP PRIME emulator for PC offer an enormous expansion of educational opportunities. Features:
  • 2-D Function, Polar, Parametric Plot; Differential Equation, Bar Plot; Histogram, Scatter Plot; Find: Intersect, Extremum, Slope, Area; Zoom, Trace, Co-ordinates, Shade
  • Decimal hrs/hrs min sec conversions; Polar/rectangular conversions; Angle conversions; Base conversions and arithmetic; Unit conversions; Bit, Boolean graphics; Display and printer graphics
  • Memory: 32 MB mDDR ; Flash memory: 256 MB
  • RPL-style RPN (Reverse Polish Notation), available in Home mode only
  • EOS-style algebraic, available in Home and CAS modes
  • Equation Writer (textbook-style input) available in both modes
  • Stack display shows 10 lines
  • Header shows important settings, a digital clock, and battery charge

Suggested Courses:

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Biology, Physics, and Business & Finance. 

Exam Acceptance:

AP Calculus*, AP Statistics*, AP Chemistry* SAT* I/II, PSAT/NMSQT*, ACT*, IB*

Customer Reviews:

"I bought a refurbished TI-83 from Topcalcs, and it works great for my college classes. I did not want to buy a new one since Texas Instruments charges too much for an old calculator." - David

"The most durable calculator I've ever had. If you have just one of these calculators, 1 is all you'll ever need provided you don't lose it. You'll likely lose it before it ever breaks. I own one from 7th grade that I have now owned for 15 years." - Lindsey