Casio FX-9750GII Graphing Calculator - Pink, Refurbished

Casio FX-9750GII - Pink, Refurbished

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Our calculators are fully tested and inspected by our team of expert technicians.  You get the same long lasting calculator at a fraction of the price.

1-Year Warranty:

We offer a 1-year warranty. No questions asked.

Package Contents:

Includes refurbished calculator, slide cover, and battery cover.  Batteries and accessories sold separately.


  • Large 21-character x 8-line display and Icon menu provides easy access to advanced functions
  • It can perform over 200+ functions, has a multi-line display and comes with 64 MB of memory
  • Dimensions 7.11 Inches (L) x 3.44 Inches (W) x .84 Inches thick
  • Graph rectangular, polar and parametric functions and inequalities, graphical analysis, streamlined solving for intercepts, intersections, etc
  • Capable of graphing x= relations. Built-in graphing of conic sections. Interactive Equation Solver
  • Easily calculate values for given independent/dependent values. Create tables of values from given functions and generate plots and graphs from tables
  • Statistics regressions and graphical displays. Complex number calculations. 

Suggested Courses:

Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Biology, Physics, and Business & Finance. 

Exam Acceptance:

AP Calculus*, AP Statistics*, AP Chemistry* SAT* I/II, PSAT/NMSQT*, ACT*

Customer Reviews:

"I bought a refurbished TI-83 from Topcalcs, and it works great for my college classes. I did not want to buy a new one since Texas Instruments charges too much for an old calculator." - David

"The most durable calculator I've ever had. If you have just one of these calculators, 1 is all you'll ever need provided you don't lose it. You'll likely lose it before it ever breaks. I own one from 7th grade that I have now owned for 15 years." - Lindsey

Other Useful Functions: