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Unbeatable prices, fast and free shipping, and a one-year warranty on all products are just a few of the reasons to shop Topcalcs for your graphing calculator needs. Get SAT and ACT approved calculators here—for less!

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SAT/ACT Calculator Tips

  • Save money on tools and test prep by buying a refurbished calculator from Topcalcs and shopping online for used SAT/ACT prep books.
  • Bring a calculator you know well! Don’t bring one that you purchased a few days before the test with no time to familiarize yourself with its buttons and functions. A calculator you’ve been using in class or at home to complete homework is ideal.
  • Pay attention to test rules on when you are and are not permitted to use your graphing calculator. Certain sections of the test will permit them while others will require you to put them away.

Why Buy Refurbished from Topcalcs?

Unbeatable Prices
Our refurbished calculators are nearly half the price of new calculators.
One-Year Warranty
Fully tested by our technicians and come with a 1-year warranty.

Fast and Free Shipping
The savings keep on coming! Get a calculator when you need it—for less.

Wide Selection of Calculators
Available from top brands: HP, Texas Instruments and Casio.
Shop SAT Approved Calculators Shop ACT Approved Calculators

“The calculator was safely bundled in bubble wrap, it came with batteries and worked straight out of the box! A great purchase if you are trying to save money (my college bookstore sells a TI-83 Plus for $130) without compromising quality.”

“After 7 years of use I can report durability, ease of use, and applicability, from algebra 1 through calculus. This most recent purchase was for the plus with color and my algebra 2 student reports he likes the color graphing quite a bit.”

“I love this product so much that I named her Tiffany. Trust me when I tell you that I didn’t name any of the calculators I bought before Tiffany. If it were not for Tiffany, I would not have made an A in my pre-stats classes.”



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